Monday, May 25, 2009


I've been working on lots of quasi-stealth knitting lately, so not a lot for the blog. Also, I've been writing an article for the next Knitcircus that actually took a bit of research, so that had most of my attention last week. The knitting is a race to the end of the school year, after which it's a total crap-shoot whether I can get much done until September.

I did get a pleasant little treat in the mail the other day: two sample skeins from The Green Mountain Spinnery. They've agreed to give us a bit of yarn support for Knitcircus. I'm going to design something from one of these yarns for Issue 8, which will come out in October. Not sure yet what, as I'm knitting frantically for Issue 7 right now.

This is Yarn Over, which the Spinnery creates from various left overs in limited edition colors. It's a 2 ply heavy worsted wt, mostly wool with a bit of mohair.

This one is Cotton Comfort. 80% wool, 20% organically grown cotton. It's a 2 ply DK weight.

I'm eager to get my fingers into both of these, but have to stay focused on the projects already on the needles.


Marie Grace said...

GMS has great yarns. Cotton Comfort is one of my favorites and I have stash of it here myself in lots of pretty colors. Enjoy!

Bezzie said...

HA ha, I immediately thought of MG when I saw these were GMS yarns! I love the idea behind that limited edition colors--clever! Good luck staying focused!

YarnThrower said...

I always enjoy seeing your new designs! You're down to about 3.5 weeks, yes?

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

I have a vest's worth of Green Mountain Spinnery yarn in stash. It's called Mountain Mohair and the content and weight sound just like the Yarn Over. It's perfect the way it is, which means I may never knit it. Our fellow knit camper, Sue, inquires every once in a while about how it's doing. Your picture makes the Cotton Comfort very appealing also.

Batty said...

Wow, that's pretty! So squooshy-looking, I just want to squish it and squoosh it, and... yes, it's your yarn. I'm stepping away from it now.