Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Road to Where is Paved with What?

I guess it's time for a blog post. I've been a little under the weather since Sunday and have taken a bunch of naps. I'd say I'm back up to firing on 3 cylinders (out of 4), having felt like I was down to 1.5 for a while there.

Because I've had this nasty little cold, I was a soft-touch this morning when the Little Emperor feigned claimed illness. I was thinking how I would not have been able to function all day, sitting up, paying attention, running in gym, and all that other stuff that's required. So, in moment of weakness, I let him stay home today. And I knew, KNEW, in my heart of hearts that I'd been conned by 9:30 this morning. I should have just marched him out to the car then and there and taken him. But I didn't. So, it's been a day of minimal productivity.

I finished the Sloane pullover. I need to see it on a real human and take pictures to really assess its success, but I think it's good. I've begun writing the pattern, which involves a bunch of simple illustrations to explain the process through the shoulder area.

Marie Grace tagged me for the Seven Things About Me meme a few days ago. I've been mulling over what I could possibly choose for that. Things I'm willing to share, that don't veer into Too Much Information, but something that my blog-reading public might not already have gleaned about me. I'll have to keep thinking about this. Right now, I can't come up with anything.


MollyBeees said...

Can't wait to see Sloan. Sorry I missed you guys on Saturday. Since I spent Friday night in Urgent Care with a sinus infection, I though you'd all appreciate it if I didn't 'share the wealth'. Sound like someone else did anyway! Hope you feel better soon!

Bezzie said...

Props for the use of "gleaned" in a blog post.

Can't wait to see Sloane on a human!

Carina said...

That happened to us too today. Our daughter has been complaining of stomach pain (in all likelihood the meal we ate Sunday night--odd issues with it--and stress), so when the school called and Hubby talked to her this afternoon, we relented and had her come home. Turns out she really is fine. *sigh* Isn't that annoying? Then again, maybe it's really more of a mental health day for them. I can understand that.

Knitaly said...

I'm quietly waiting for sloane pattern ... still trying to figure out how you did it!
I surrender!

Kitty Mommy said...

I enjoyed meeting you and your son on Saturday! I hope everyone is getting to feel better chez SABLE.

Anonymous said...

My mom always had the rule "If you're sick enough to stay at home, you're sick enough to stay in bed." And we were confined to the bed for the day. No TV, no video games, no nothin'. Lunch was soup and a grilled cheese sandwich, served to you, guess where, in bed. All you could do was sleep, go to the bathroom, and maybe read a book, if you happened to keep one in your room. (Mom could hear a Game Boy being turned on from two rooms away, so that was a no-no, as well, once that technology came out. Besides, we had communal game boys -- there were 5 of us -- and they stayed in the living room.)

I think that's why I just pass out for a day or two now when I'm sick.