Saturday, October 29, 2005

The garage is cleaner

than it has been in a long long time. Not that you care. We are a family of class-A packrats, and slobs, too. Our garage has served as a dumping ground for all sorts of stuff for many years and today we made major strides on cleaning it. Our big ambition was to be able to park the pop-up camper in there for the winter, and I am happy to say we accomplished that goal. I have a large stack of cardboard in the back of my van to take to recycling on Monday, and Scott has a bunch of potentially Free-cyclable stuff to take to our storage unit in his van. We filled up many extra large (like 5 feet X 3 feet) black garbage bags with trash and put it curbside for Tuesday a.m. collection. I found the box from my first CD player, which had been purchased in 1987 or 88, in Ithaca NY, 4 moves ago, and died and was disposed of about 4 years ago. It's truly pathological when the boxes and styrofoam packing materials stay with us longer than they items they originally protected.

This morning was knitting group time for me. My friend Terri was there and Jenny, whom I had met one previous time. You know, as much as people think a big group is a sign of success, I really like it when there's just a few of us. It's easier to get to know people and have a more unguarded conversation. If you find yourself in Madison on the last Saturday of a month, come knit!

Other good news: download The Jester Hat pattern for free at The Garter Belt now and you can have a new hat by morning. Many thanks to Wendy for her speedy work getting that up. And make sure you admire Melly in her Jester Hat, too!

On the computer front, I now own and have running, an external hard-drive to back up everything at all times. Whew. In the modern era, it seems to cost about a dollar per gigabyte. When I think about my first computer, which did not even have an internal hard drive, and when a 30 megabyte harddrive was considered generous, I marvel at how things have changed. Remember being thrilled by 8 megabytes of RAM? Those were not the good old days.

I'm off to order pizza. I think I need a good soaking and scrubbing to get the dust of ages from the garage floor out of hair and pores. Maybe some day we'll live like normal people. Probably not.


Unknown said...

Love the Jester hat!
So cute.
Congrats on the garage progress, we've got 80 years worth of stuff in ours to go through in the next few weeks.
Take Care!

Jenny said...

Hi Elizabeth! It was great to knit with you again yesterday. I hope to make it to your group again soon, but I think I will be out of town for the November meetup.

Donna said...

I agree with you on smaller groups. There is just too much going on in big groups to suit me!

The jester hat is great! I'll have to make one of those soon.

Our garage is still a mess from our move this summer. I'm hoping to be able to see the floor in it by spring time!

Marji said...

Doesn't tackling an overwhelming and dreaded project, then making headway give a real sense of accomplishment? Congrats on finding bottom in the garage. I love getting rid of excess stuff, always leaves me feeling lighter, and therefore, feeling like there's more room for yarn (in the garage? I don't think so....yet there are possibilities... Freezers fit in garages, yarn stores well in freezers!)
Hat is very cute.