Saturday, September 17, 2005

Still busy, but end in sight

Update on the knitty submission: I am now on the raglan area above the armpit joins and making pretty good progress. I have been having shooting pains coming from my elbow, which worries me, but nothing to do but soldier on. I live on ibuprofen anyway, so what's a few more. I'm pretty confident I can get the last stretch done and a reasonably accurate pattern written by the deadline.

The porch guys took Wed-Fri off to go to a trade convention in Chicago. The decking is mostly done and the posts are up, awaiting the beams and roof structure. Pretty exciting. The kids have been using it as a stage and putting on impromptu plays. I bought a small round wooden table at a yard sale yesterday. It's in terrible shape, but I'll paint it glossy white and it'll be fine for holding an ice tea or cup of coffee out on the porch. Some neighbors threw out a chair that will make a good porch chair. It had a padded seat and back, with exposed wood legs, arms, and frame. Kind of a "waiting room" chair. Scott's painting the wood parts glossy white (I stripped off all the upholstery a couple weekends ago) and I've got everything I need to recover the seat and back pad. It should be a rewarding project. If I keep amassing odd pieces of furniture and painting them all white, they should look like they go well enough.

Must go cook a vegetable for dinner.

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Terby said...

Sounds like the porch is going up fast - will the round table be suitable for holding yarn too? :)

See you soon.