Friday, October 01, 2010

More Words Than Pictures

So, it's been a while, eh?

I've been weaving a bit, knitting a bit, puttering in my fabric, thinking about piecing a quilt top, trying to establish a new lair in the new house.

Also, I had a small ventral incisional hernia repaired on Sept 14, which has healed up pretty well. Even relatively minor abdominal surgery can make you pretty uncomfortable for a bit. Mostly, I was tired, though. My mom came to help out for the surgery.

The very early morning of the day she left, we had a big hail storm, so since then I've been thinking about the roof, lining up the repairs, talking to the insurance company, finding out the bank's protocol for getting access to the money the insurer will be sending to pay for the roof. It turns out that on large claims, the check is made payable to both the home-owner and mortgage holder; I guess so I don't just pocket the money and not do the repairs. But it means the bank has hoops for me to jump through, too.

Also, since we still own our other house, which has generated very little interest in this very dead market, I've had a little money anxiety, too. I know how to be a tightwad, but we had gotten out of practice. And I must say, tightwaddery does not come naturally to my husband or kids.

So, we are very happy in our new house. I wouldn't say completely settled. When you have as much crap as we do, that takes a while. But getting there. The Little Guy is much happier at his new school. I think his new teacher is a much better fit for his personality than the one he had last year. Owen seems happy to live so close to his school and so many of his friends.

Owen took Driver Ed and got his learner's permit in August. That was pretty hair-raising (or greying?) at first, but he's doing pretty well at it now. He can get his actual driver's license in February when he turns 16.

Mr. SABLE succeed in obtaining a shitload of grant money for his employer, so his job security is pretty good these days. Even if this company doesn't make it (unlikely), having gotten these very large grants will look pretty impressive on his CV/resume.

So, that weaving up there... I was itching to get my loom warped with something colorful and easy. I really like the hand of the fabric I wove for my messenger bag in February. I dumped out a box of cotton yarns and picked out a few for a little attempt at plaid. These are Tahki Cotton Classic. I'm planning to make some throw pillows out of the yardage when I finish weaving it. I screwed up my intended pattern when warping, and didn't feel like backing up to fix it when I noticed the error, so now it's a design feature, as they say.

I've been knitting some socks, working on a (very dramatic) hat for Owen, spinning a bit more of the yarn in the previous post, and thinking about a project for that yarn. Also, early in the summer, sewed a plush microbe for the Little Guy, and have managed a few other small sewing projects along the way.

And now, we're into October. The school year is well under way: the kids are accepting the daily inevitability of it. Everyone's sleep is just about on a school year schedule. I've been doing little jobs for Knitcircus: photos, drawing schematics, and such. I hope to get focused on designing again, but for me, that takes a certain amount of solitude and time to let ideas percolate.

Stay tuned.


Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Chocolate? Did you say chocolate? Never mind, it was percolate.

I love that plaid the way it is. I would like to have a plaid car.

Cindy G said...

Sooo glad the new school is working out for the youngest boy critter.

I love the plaid. Even though knit pillow covers can be really pretty, they never strike me as being particulary durable. The woven fabric should be excellent for the purpose.

Kaye said...

Ha ha! I had a decent comment, but Kathy Cubed's percolate/chocolate comment made me laugh too hard!

Glad you're settling into a routine. I love me a good routine!

Woah, my verification word is that a Parisian Hillbilly?

Batty said...

Glad you're feeling better! They weren't kidding when they said not to lift heavy stuff for... is it 6 or 8 weeks? Anyhow, my Dad did, and ended up with 2 hernia surgeries.

Don't feel bad about the unpacking bit, either. We still have boxes from moving in 2 years ago.

YarnThrower said...

Hi Elizabeth! Nice to read your updates, and so glad that you're working through the bumps as they present themselves... You are a model of fortitude! It's nice to be able to "keep track" of what you're up to. It seems like forever since I was able to attend Last Saturday Knitting group. One of these days I won't have to study all the time. I thought it would be easier in clinicals, but it's actually more difficult to get everything done with my full time work schedule, and then having to study up in the evenings/weekends to prepare for the patients I'm going to be seeing. I am told that at some point it will all be second nature and boring, but for not it is still quite a challenge... That's awesome about your husband's grants! Also, glad to hear that you are still involved with KnitCircus -- it is better for it :-)