Saturday, October 03, 2009

Weekend Update

In addition to the Great Pumpkin on the front step, there are a few more nice big pumpkins out back. And then there's these strange things.

These are snake gourds. Owen planted them. I think he and Scott were expecting some small decorative gourds we could put in the middle of the table or in a bowl, or something, you know, decorative. I think they look a little menacing. Like maybe they could have been used as props in Dr Who circa 1966? One vine climbed right up the apple tree and grew its gourd there, hanging. Seriously, it's as big as a baseball bat.

I've been puttering away on knitting that I can't show you yet. So, you get phallic snake gourds, instead.

Today, Jaala hosted the Knitcircus Hat Event. It was a great success! We had a bunch of volunteers come to cut and sew and cranked out about 35 hats and 20 no-sew scarves in 2 hours. We had a hat that a knitter in California mailed to us, too.

The past couple weeks have been a bit busy, some good and some bad. We've had the little guy to Urgent Care twice. We've had sick days. Car appointments. School events. Other volunteer events. Last Saturday Knitting and Friday Late Night knitting. Between all this, I've got about 85% of the next Knitcircus pasted in and formatted. I think tomorrow I'll get to sit and breathe for a while. Oh, yeah, and catch up on laundry and go grocery shopping.


Suse-the-slow-knitta said...

Maybe the Day of the Triffids is here at last?

Cindy G said...

Snort! "phallic snake gourds" I'm glad you said it, because it sure is what I was thinking.

Hope everone at home is OK by now.

Bezzie said...

I'm ok w/the trade off to see your gourds!!

Terby said...

I just wanted an excuse to type "bat-sized phallic snake gourds."

I'm going to censor myself now. :)

Kitty Mommy said...

Am I the only one with an overwhelming urge to draw eyes with permanent markers and make tongues out of red felt?

Leslie said...

Those gourds are so strange! They could be used as weapons to fend of intruders if necessary...I wonder if they're edible?

Batty said...

Wow, those are phallic! What are they for?

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Gourd blimey!
Al Gourd
6-gourd skirt
Gourd by a bull
Gourd out of my mind
Kilgourd Trout
Changing of the Gourd
Nearer my gourd to thee
I-gourd bindoff
Gourdian Knot
Gourdache jeans
Model-T Gourd
Ironing gourd