Saturday, September 19, 2009

Long Time, No Post

And even in spite of the passage of weeks, I'm afraid it'll be a No Photo Post.

School started on Sept 1. Of course, the first couple weeks were a bit abbreviated and I spent way too much time alternately playing domestic catch-up and navel-gazing. I also did some knitting for the next Knitcircus, but I'm not supposed to show you that stuff just yet. Yesterday I had all good intentions of great productivity, and even planned to go out and get some nature pics in the gorgeous fall weather, but I went back to bed for a bit after the kids went to school. Then I was putzing around online, and next thing I knew, the school day was almost over.

So, now we're far enough into the school year, that I should be settling into the New Normal any day now.

What I have been doing the last couple days is getting a project together for a Knitcircus event the first weekend in October. We're planning to make a couple very quick and easy fleece hat sewing patterns available and have a charity Hat Drive at Jaala's house. Our plan is to donate the hats to area elementary schools. Even though Madison enjoys a generally high standard of living, with relatively low unemployment, many area elementary schools have significant numbers of children who receive free or reduced lunch. Whether because of poverty or parental flakiness, or both, a lot of kids show up at school without adequate warm clothing for a Wisconsin winter. At first we thought about a charity knitting event, but realized that we could sew a stack of warm hats much faster than we could knit even one. Of course, folks are welcome to come and knit to participate, but the sewing machines will be humming. And if you can't sew, you can always cut rectangles of fleece fabric for those who do sew. Details will be forthcoming soon. To sign up for Knitcircus updates, join our Yahoo group.


Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

I await the details.

Poops said...

The hat drive sounds like a great idea!

And your day sounds suspiciously a lot like mine...

Bezzie said...

Sigh. They've already got the 28th offhere.
Great idea for the drive. Even the kids who can afford hats find themselves losing their hat every now and then.

Batty said...

The hat drive sounds like a fabulous idea.