Monday, February 02, 2009


What have I been up to?

Last Saturday Knitting was a blast. We had quite a crew, including Molly B, Cindy G, Jen, Kathy, Linda, Brenda (no blog name), Dale-Harriet, and ... I am quite certain there was one more person, and I'm going to feel terrible for leaving someone out, but I cannot come up with one more name.

edited to add: It was Sheryl. Silly me.

I know that YarnThrower wasn't able to make it. Hmmm. Now, doing the count, it makes sense. 7 people plus me. There was much laughing and hilarity. Molly Bee's description of her first encounter with a naturalist named Tom had me in such a fit, I was crying from laughing so hard. Truly good for the spirit on a Saturday in mid- to late-winter.

The new Knitcircuses have nearly all been mailed. Jaala still needs to take a few that need international postage to her P.O. If your local yarn shop doesn't carry it, we'll happily send them a sample issue and try to persuade them to do so. We really hope that this will be the issue that breaks even on printing and postage costs. The last one came darn close.

We'll be hosting a Kate Cardigan Knit-along on the Knitcircus group on Ravelry, starting March 1. There are a few technically challenging aspects to the pattern, so I figure if I'm around to walk folks through it, we'll have more success stories.

I've got a couple of boy things in the works for the next Knitcircus. We're hoping to have a cluster of kids items as a focus, so the issue will be useful beyond the season in which it gets released. We're definitely still looking for patterns for the next issue. We will be paying a very modest fee this time, so if you have a pattern you've been sitting on that you would love to see in print, send it along!

I've been chatting with the Sow's Ear about teaching a class this spring. The class will be on working with color: not the techniques, but the design end of it. This should be interesting. I've never taught a class before, except for a bunch of grade school girls learning to knit 9 years ago. I have ideas, but I'm a nervous quasi-public speaker. (You don't believe that, but it's true.)

Finally, I've decided to start offering graphic design services for knitting designers. I can make charts and schematics in Illustrator, create a pattern template, work on logo options, do ad layouts. I don't know how great the demand is, but I figure it might get me a job or two here and there.

Mr. SABLE is still searching for his next job. He had one encouraging call from a person he knew through his old employer. At the very least, it should lead to some freelance consultant kind of work, if not permanent salaried employment.

That's the new.


Kitty Mommy said...

I think there was one more. She sat on the other side of Cindy from me and I think the two of you were talking high schools and knitting camp. I distinctly remember her saying her name, but there isn't a chance I'll actually remember that.

Helen said...

Glad to get the update and that things could turn out for hubby. Y'all need that ray of hope.

It is almost certain that next year I will be moving to your lovely state...but barely across the border. Hubby's work is building a huge campus off of 94, just across from the outlet mall in pleasant prairie. Fun times!! While it has taken a while to accept moving from friends and church and finding a new job, I now look forward to 5% sales tax (half from what we pay now!) and no food tax and one of my favorite clothing stores ever, ShopKo. hehe

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

It looks like I got in on the free design chart consultation just in the nick of time. I think you'll be a natural teaching the class. If you let your sense of humor out to play as well as your sense of color play, you'll have many proteges and mentees of whom you already have a lot. I'm not sure "mentee" is a word. Look it up? Maybe later.

YarnThrower said...

I need to get to the Ear to check out the new KnitCircus! And, looking forward to the next issue with "boy" items in it :-)

Good luck with your new knitting ventures! You're right -- I don't believe that you are a nervous teacher! You have such a nice ease about you!

Bezzie said...

Crossing my fingers for Mr. Sable!

Ooo! a kids' issue? That sounds awesome. Thanks for the head's up--I'll start saving my nickels now! (I'm waiting for a paypal payment to come in before I order the latest KC).

MollyBeees said...

I hearby bequeath you with the LemonAde Stand Award. Details on my blog!